What comes after mere technology?

Posted on Sunday, June 21st, 2009 at 9:40 pm

Après Tech is a vision of creative human interaction within the network of machines and data spanning the globe.

For decades, we have been busy building an electronic world measured in gigahertz and terabytes.  We have one-click, dot-com, e-This and i-That, allegedly cheap and easy to use. But most people have to adapt themselves to the machines and their idiosyncrasies. Many are perplexed by the jargon and acronyms spoken by techies, the fads, the error messages, and too many options and features.  We spend more time trying to learn technology than putting it to use.

Having the high-tech gadgets and always-on network access is not enough, in itself. What comes next?  Après tech?  (Après: the French word for “after”.)

This is the pursuit of our human potential aided by the computing machines we created. Alan Kay, a pioneer of personal computers, envisioned an “instrument whose music is ideas.”

Let us then, people of all demographics, become accomplished players.

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